Digital Transformation in Tax

Authority’s Approach to Digitalisation in Taxation

Digitalisation has entered to the heart of every industry in today’s world. In fact, taxation might be one of the laggards trying to benefit its advantages. Turkish tax authorities have introduced many electronic taxation service to catch up these benefits. This article aims to indicate the biggest benefit of digital transformation arise for the tax authority which is;

Audit Effectiveness

Below electronic services went live until the date of this article (and we are aware that there are more to go live in the near future such as e-waybill.);

e-Tax Declaration: Today, almost all tax declarations (including Corporate Income Tax, VAT, Excise Tax, Withholding Tax etc.) are submitted in electronic format through an XML declaration generator software published by the authorities.

In addition to that, customs declarations are also submitted in electronic format during import/export operations.

e-Invoicing, e-Archive Invoicing: Today, taxpayers that have a sales revenue over 10m TRY are obliged to use e-Invoicing system and companies having a revenue over 5m TRY and doing internet sale are obliged to register for e-Archive Invoicing. Continue reading “Authority’s Approach to Digitalisation in Taxation”