Indirect Taxes, Mobile Phones Registration Fee

Registration fee collected on mobile phones brought by travellers

Other than commercial imports, people who travel abroad and return to Turkey can bring mobile phones for their personal use together with them. These mobile phones shall be registered in Turkey by these travellers to activate the phones’ usage in Turkey. Previously, the registration fee was 618,60 TL.

With the Presidential Decree No. 1314 published in the Official Gazette dated 19/7/2019 no 30836, the registration fee collected for the mobile phones brought from abroad together with travellers was increased to 1500 TL.

This amendment enters into force on 20 July 2019, as it is the date following the publication of the Decision.

Customs, Indirect Taxes

Tax Exemption on Fast Cargo Imports has been Removed

With the decision dated 15.05.2019, an amendment has been made on the general decision that regulate the application of Customs Law. With this amendment, the customs tax exemption provided for personal goods that do not have any commercial purpose brought by fast cargo deliveries under the value of 22 EUR limit, has been removed.

The exemption that was provided in the same article for books and similar print materials brought by fast cargo deliveries that value under 150 EUR remains the same.

Accordingly, goods brought by fast cargo deliveries under the value of 22 EUR will be subject to taxation same with the ones that value under 1.500 EUR. The rates are;

  • 18% for the goods brought from EU countries,
  • 20% for the goods brought from other destinations,
  • 0% for books and similar print materials,
  • Additional 20% on the above if the goods are subject to Special Consumption Tax (Excise Duty)