Export Controls

Export controls are controls that are made on the international movement of goods, services or technology due to international responsibilities and involved co-operations, as well as internal regulations that countries establish with national security concerns.

There are different regulations that require export controls such as, international embargo resolutions, international agreements and multilateral export control regimes.

In Turkey export controls is applicable due to below international agreements;

  • Chemical Weapons Convention: Turkey is a party to Chemical Weapons Convention which entered into force in 1997.
  • Biological Weapons Convention: Turkey is a party to Biological Weapons Convention which entered into force in 1975.
  • Treaty on the non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons: Turkey has approved the treaty on 1980 which entered into force on 1970.
  • Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty: Turkey has approved the treaty on 1999 which is not in force.

In addition to above agreement, below export controls regimes are applicable in Turkey.

  • The Wassenaar Arrangement: Turkey is one of the founding members of the Wassenaar Arrangement which is established on 1996.
  • The Missile Technology Control Regime: Turkey has become a party to the Missile Technology Control Regime on 1997.
  • The Australia Group: The Australia Group (AG) is an informal forum of countries which, through the harmonisation of export controls, seeks to ensure that exports do not contribute to the development of chemical or biological weapons. Turkey has approved the membership on 2000.
  • Nuclear Suppliers Group: Turkey is involved in Nuclear Suppliers Group in 2000. The purpose of the group is to control materials used in nuclear technology and dual use materials as well.
  • Zangger Committee: The committee is established to serve as the “faithful interpreter” of its Article III, paragraph 2, to harmonize the interpretation of nuclear export control policies for NPT Parties. Turkey has involved in 1999.