Other Taxes and Fees

Stamp Tax

Stamp tax applies to a wide range of documents, including but not limited to, contracts, letters of credit and letters of guarantee, financial statements and payrolls. Stamp tax is levied according to the type of documents at different tax rates or as a fixed fee listed in Annex I of the Stamp Tax Law.

Rate and Taxation Principle:

In the attachment of Stamp Tax Law, there is a list of documents that are subject to Stamp Tax. Stamp Tax rate is generally between %0,148 to %0,948. Some documents are taxed with a fixed fee (i.e. 20,30 TL for Origin Documents).

Contracts: Contracts are subject to Stamp Tax over the highest value indicated on the contract at the rate of %0,948.

Customs Taxes

Goods imported from abroad to Turkish Customs territory are subject to Customs Tax according to tariff determined per HS classification of the product. This tax is determined by tariff, origin and value of the import product.

Turkey is party to several Free Trade Agreements, so reduced tariff is applied on imports that are originated of those countries. Please note that the HS code used in Turkey (GTIP) consists of 12 digits.

Customs Union with EU: Turkey is a part of Customs Union with EU for industrial products. Accordingly, Customs Tax is not applicable for those imported from EU to Turkey if imported with A.TR movement document. However, other customs taxes (i.e. additional fiscal obligation) may still apply on importation especially for products that are originated from other countries that Turkey applies sanctions.

Banking and Insurance Transactions Tax

Transactions and services performed by banks, bankers and insurance companies are subject to BITT. Taxpayers of this tax are banks, bankers and insurance companies. All transactions and services performed by these are subject to BITT regardless of the nature of the transaction. Please note transactions that are subject to BITT is exempted from VAT. The general BITT rate is 5% but some specific transactions are taxed at 1% or even reduced to 0 (zero).

Special Communication Tax

Telecommunication services are subject to special communication tax. Rate of this tax generally vary between 5-25%.

Gambling Tax

Betting, lottery and other forms of gambling are subject to Gambling tax. Organizers of gambling activities are taxpayer of this tax.  

Municipal Taxes

There are different types of municipal taxes applicable in Turkey. These fees are applied at different rates or as fixed fee.

Other Fees and Charges

There are different types of fees such as Judgment Fee, Notary Fee, Title Deed Fee, Consulate Fee, Ship and Harbor Fee, Permit of License and Certificate Fee, Traffic Fee, Passport, Visa and Ministry of Foreign Affairs Certification Fee. These fees are applied at different rates or as fixed fee.